Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enough, already!

I am ready for the end of "Winter"!

While I will admit to experiencing near euphoria at crawling between flannel sheets, warmed by the electric blanket, on a cold January night and the sight of early sunshine on ice covered trees is more beautiful than any diamonds to me, I have grown weary of the cold.

Sloshing through piles of melting snow, shoveling openings in the plowed ridges across the driveway to release the car and chasing dogs out of the house because they don't want to squat in the snow are all reasons to look anxiously forward to the arrival of spring.

Perhaps in some future year, when employment is no longer a requirement, when all the home improvement projects are done, I will look forward to winter days. When sitting on the yet to be built window seat in the south window, reading a book while soaking up winter sunshine, will be all I feel a need to complete in a day. Then the cold may be welcome as a perfect excuse to accomplish no more than this on winter days.