Friday, February 25, 2011

Got-r done!

The house now has a plywood shell(well, mostly) and is wrapped in plastic. Just in time, 8-10 inches of snow arrived yesterday and having a plastic coating should discourage that blowing in between the boards. I even managed to finish it without any additional injuries or disasters.

The new door is yet to be installed but that will probably have to wait until I can count on the temperature not dropping below zero, mid- job. Nothing like a 5 foot wide hole in the wall when it starts snowing. The new door, which is not actually new, still needs a little work before installation. It is a recycled door and needed some cosmetic work when I bought it.

I removed the moulding that held the glass in place and scraped away all the old glazing compound. I have reglazed and replaced the moulding on most of it but still a little to do then it all needs a good painting. I also need to divise a system to protect it from little dog paws that like to pat, pat all over the door when they are sent out to play. I haven't figured out how I'm going to do that yet. Perhaps utilizing the screen door off the old patio door?

Well, at least there are hints that spring will be here soon, so I may be able to make faster progress before long. Today there was no chance for working outside. The snow is settling but there is still a good 6" over the yard, except where I shoveled out "potty" areas for the dogs. They just refuse to wade out in that snow to take care of their business. Of course their bellies were dragging in the snow so I guess I can't blame them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The House Fights Back!

Weather in Kansas, being what it is, did the unexpected again today and turned out a 53 degree day. Just 3 days ago windchill temperature was around -35. Tomorrow is expected to be cold again although only around freezing. Two weeks in a row now, Saturday has turned out to be very pleasant, which has allowed me some time to work outside on the house. Today, my hope was to finish the plywood sheathing on the back of the house. I am working on the gable presently and was able to complete half of it last week, even with the unfortunate fall of the electric meter. Turned into an 8 hour day out there, interrupted only by a water break and by coming in to lie on the floor and scream after dropping a 25 pound sheet of plywood, on edge, onto my face. Now that HURT! After the fact, I actually considered myself quite lucky. The 3/4" board came down on my upturned face and hit just below my nose on that inch of flesh above my lip. Had it been slightly higher, it would have broken my nose and possibly my glasses. Had it hit slightly lower, I would probably have lost teeth. As it is, I have only an abrasion across the space between my nose and upper lip and considerable swelling. I was not knocked out but I now understand the term "punch drunk" as I had a few minutes where I felt pretty out of it. This is the reason for the lying on the floor. I thought it preferable to falling to the floor. As for the screaming, which included some profanity, I heard a while back that cursing can actually help with pain. At that point I was willing to try it. I'm feeling rather beat up tonight, I think I could safely say I have a headache. While watching TV I could feel my entire head pulsing. I'm thinking I might haul out that leftover pain med from my surgery and see if it improves my night. I don't use pain killers stronger than Tylenol very often and I don't think I've ever finished off the stuff doctors have given me after surgery. In this case, however, I think I will make an exception.