Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yes, I took a vacation. I took this entire week off because I have excess hours that need to be used. Since I have no specific plans, the supervisor suggested this week because no one else was wanting time off. Pretty typically, the weather conspired against me to make it impossible to get any work done on the outside of the house. The last 5 days have been overcast, foggy, drizzly, snowy, anything but warm and sunny.

I have continued to work on inside projects during the first part of this week. A week ago I picked up a load of salvage trim from a neighboring county. It included a number of pieces of ribbed, 5 inch wide yellow pine, some smooth 5 inch pieces, several window caps and "rosettes" for the top corners of windows. I considered this a pretty good find, free for the taking.

I used part of this wood to trim out the library window. The cap was just beautiful, with some sanding and a wire brush on the decorative molding then some poly stain to seal and it looked good. I have yet to seal the side trim and sill but will add a board below the sill first, as is the style with the old wide trims. I'm hoping it will all take the stain fairly evenly as the color on the top is very pleasing and I'd like to avoid painting this trim. The wood grain is very nice if left exposed.

Someone asked me the other day what I would do when I got done with the house. I assured them this would not be a problem as I have enough projects to last until I die. So, I guess as long as I am able to lift a hammer, I will be modifying my house. I suppose I could hire someone to finish up the renovation but then in my old age, all I would have to do is lay around watching TV and eating bonbons. NOT a good idea!