Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Very, VERY Unemployed!

That would be me.  Yaaaaaaawn!  Streeeetch"
How amazing! 

Even though I didn't actually lay around all day today, the FIRST day of my retirement,  the knowledge that I could if I WANTED to, was in itself awesome.  I did sleep in but only as long as the dogs would allow.  They insist on breakfast on some kind of schedule.  Scooter cannot stay in bed too late as her biscuit hunting instinct kicks in by 8:30 and there is no controlling her much past that time. 

Once breakfast was over, I raked the yard and cleaned the sidewalk from the porch.  Cleaned out the fishpond, hopefully the last time this year. Now I have to decide if the fish are coming in for the winter or if I'm going to get a heater for the pond.  It's not quite deep enough for over wintering the fish otherwise. 

The down side of the day was that Scooter was outside with me for a while and she went "shopping" in the yard. I think what she found was left behind by a neighborhood cat. YUCK!  She then had a partial relapse of her vestibular disorder and became fairly dizzy.  The combination was not good, she upchucked all over everything, including me.  She finally had to be force fed some meclazine for the dizziness and put in a crate for a couple hours until she stopped spinning.  Poor girl, still not feeling great and her head tilt is worse than usual but she stopped vomiting. 

Finally settled for the evening, now I'm going to have to take time out and do actual important stuff, meaning I have to read the stuff I got about my insurance so I am sure I have done what I need to.  I certainly don't want to mess up and find myself without any insurance at this point.  Guess I'll get the papers and get comfortable in the library as the dogs are now settled in front of the heater.  Don't want to disturb them and they can't just stay curled up, sleeping, if I leave the room. 

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